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Advice for RPL Qualification Holders

For candidates with Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) qualifications, a job interview is an opportunity to showcase not just credentials but also a unique journey of skill development. In this guide, we'll provide factual advice on handling common interview questions, avoiding pitfalls, and presenting yourself professionally.


What the Interviewers Will Ask


Why Did Pursue This Subject and Career Path


Factual Advice: Be honest about your motivations. Link your RPL qualifications to your genuine interest and commitment to the field.


Your Career Aspirations


Factual Advice: Clearly articulate your long-term goals, emphasising how your RPL-acquired skills align with and contribute to your professional aspirations.


Your Personal Strengths and Weaknesses


Factual Advice: Highlight strengths relevant to the job. Acknowledge weaknesses, but focus on strategies for improvement. Some acceptable weaknesses are:

  • I focus too much on details.

  • I struggle to let go of a project.

  • I struggle to say ‘no’ and take on too much work.

  • I need more experience in a certain area.

  • I am interested in leadership and administration, but am still developing those skills.

  • Tendency to be competitive.

  • Lack of experience in a no-essential skill.

  • Lot a risk taker.

  • Not adept at public speaking.


How Would You Describe Yourself


Factual Advice: Provide a concise overview of your professional identity, emphasizing skills, work ethic, and accomplishments related to your RPL qualifications.


Mistakes to Avoid:


  • Avoid generic answers; be specific and tailored to the job. Steer clear of negativity or overly personal details.

  • Don’t be over familiar. The interviewers are qualified authority figures, so treat them as the company boss or school director.

  • Don’t forget what you wrote on the application form or resume.

  • Never come across as arrogant. Just because you have an interview does not mean you are being offered a place. There will be other people interviewed who also have very solid qualifications.

  • Boredom or negativity always looks bad

  • Steer clear of overusing jargon. Avoid providing vague or unclear responses. Be mindful of non-verbal cues, such as maintaining eye contact and displaying positive body language.

  • Dishonesty will be detected. Be honest and they will at least respect you.



What to Put on a Resume


Factual Advice: Include a clear summary of your RPL qualifications, emphasizing practical skills gained and their application in real-world scenarios.


Research About the Company


Factual Advice: Familiarise yourself with the company's mission, values, recent news, and industry trends. Showcase this knowledge during the interview.


How to Dress for the Interview


Factual Advice: Dress professionally, aligning with the company's culture. Conservative attire is generally a safe choice unless the company specifies otherwise.

Final Thoughts


Factual Advice: Rehearse your responses to common questions but avoid sounding rehearsed. Emphasise the practical applications of your RPL qualifications to demonstrate their value in a professional setting.

For individuals with RPL qualifications, interviews provide an opportunity to showcase a unique blend of experiential learning and formal education. By staying true to factual advice, candidates can navigate the interview landscape confidently, presenting a compelling case for their suitability in the chosen career path.


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